Wood. Symbolizes spring, flexibility, growth, vertical development, smoothness, refinement and gentleness. It is flexible and managaeble. The energy of wood is expansive, nutritious and versatile. 

Water. Symbolizes the winter and the water itself. It is related to emotions, feelings, depth, calmness, stillness, meditation and reflection. It promotes inner development, spirituality, sexual activity, sleep and deep knowledge of the human being. 

Fire. Symbolizes the summer, fire and heat. It brings light and happiness. It represents honor, passion, expression, fame, parties, public relations, stimulation, joy and sociability.

Earth. Symbolizes receptivity, earth cares, shelters and protects. The earth supports everything that exists. Denotes impartiality, wisdom and instinct. 

Air. Air is thought, movement and communication. Air is spring, touches the color of the sun, and captures the thought of life. It is the breath of life.

Bamboo. Elegant, strong and simplistic plant able to attract and transmit fresh and vibrant CHI to the environment. The spiritual meaning of bamboo is: professional development, prosperity, longevity, health, zen and feng shui: postitive engergy.


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